July 30, 2010


There has been a huge break in the case!

Last night, while on patrol I sniffed out this picture. I have to warn you, the following image is shocking:

Clearly we are dealing with a much more serious crime-- someone has been driving on the lawn! At some point in the last week, an unidentified bulldozer removed the playground and in the process, destroyed my beautiful yard.

This is outrageous! That grass smelled wonderful. My lawn did nothing to deserve to be treated so cruelly.

Don’t worry blogger friends, I will find the ‘dozer who did this!


July 26, 2010


Since I last blogged I have been doing some pretty serious investigating on the case of the disappearing playground.

Me, on the case

I started out by interviewing some key witnesses.

Witness 1: Ronald

This was a very frustrating interview. First of all, he smiled the whole time. I can’t understand how a man who sat there and watched as his play equipment was taken right before his very eyes can still be smiling!

Sadly, I got nothing out of him. He did not even bat an eye at my good cop, bad cop routine.

Witness 2: Peanut

Peanut says that she was also “totally shocked” by the disappearance. I find this statement interesting because when I first told her about it she didn’t actually seem all that shocked.

During the course of the interrogation, Peanut pointed out that since the parking lot was repaved around the same time that the play equipment went missing, that it could have something to do with the construction.

I hate to admit it but that sounds like a good lead. However, I am still suspicious. So as of now, Peanut is the primary dog of interest.

About 8 feet tall, green & white with a slide.
Perhaps last seen with Peanut.


July 22, 2010


There has been a theft!

That’s my playground. Or should I say, that was my playground. I woke up the other day and it was GONE.

I have major mystery on my paws blog friends. This calls for a serious investigation. Have you seen this playground?


About 8 feet tall, green & white with a slide.

Perhaps last seen with Ronald... or Peanut.


July 12, 2010

Former RMH Family Gives Back!

Many of our families come back to Winston-Salem in the years following their stay at the House for follow up appointments with doctors. While they are town, they often stop in to say hi!

Kelly and Clayton Davis came by to visit recently and dropped off a delicious rhubarb pie for families and staff. Kelly stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for 12-weeks in 2000 while Clayton, a preemie, was cared for at Brenner Children’s Hospital. She and Clayton come by whenever they are in town to bring treats and Wish List items for RMH guests.

We were so glad that they came by and very grateful for their continued support of the House!