August 26, 2010

Mom said I had to apologize

Dear Peanut,

I'm sorry that I offered to give you away as a part of the reward to find the big footed clown who is currently spoiling my entire summer.

Your Brother Watson

PS. Mom, am I still grounded?

PPS. I have been hearing all of these great stories about bloggers making it big with their own books and magazine articles. Well, Julie and Ree, you've got nothing' on me! I'm a published contributor to Love Notes, the official Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem newsletter. You may be getting a copy in the mail or you can check it out online here.

A joker with huge feet, possibly last seen
wearing a pair of size 29 triple E shoes.


Your choice of:
a) 100 bacon flavor cookies
b) one slightly used chew toy in excellent condition
or c) An autographed photo, a stick I found yesterday in the front yard and 2 quarters, a nickel and a pretty green button that I discovered in the couch last week.


August 24, 2010

The Last Straw

This whole playground disappearance really has me howling mad. First, the play equipment went missing, which was pretty upsetting. Then, someone drove a bulldozer all over my beautiful lawn which, to tell you the truth, almost sent me over the edge.

But this is the last straw. Last night, some clown with gigantic feet walked all over the new, freshly poured concrete walkway!


Wait, why is there a new walkway?

You can run but you can't hide! I'll sniff out whoever did this!

A joker with huge feet, possibly last seen
wearing a pair of size 29 triple E shoes.

Your choice of
a) 100 bacon flavor cookies
b) one slightly used chew toy in excellent condition
or c) a small rat terrier named Peanut.


August 11, 2010

Tough Cookies

The Ronald McDonald House is no stranger to strong kids—we see tough kids every day here at the House. Tough kids like Jacob.

Jacob and Ronald

Jacob and his family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for three months in 2004 while he was being treated for cancer at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Jacob, his older brother Sam and their parents Kim and Lee managed to stay pretty busy during their stay here at the House. They even hung out with NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne one day at his garage in nearby Mooresville, NC.

Jacob and NASCAR star Kasey Kahne

With his family and all of the staff here at the Ronald McDonald House cheering him on, Jacob received a bone marrow transplant at Duke University, fought his cancer and won! He is now a happy, healthy 8 year-old and still one tough cookie.

Speaking of cookies, Jacob and his family stopped by the House yesterday with some homemade treats to share with the families of other tough kids who call the Ronald McDonald House home.

Sam (14), Nathan (6) and Jacob (8) checked out the new dining patio with Wilma, RMH Housekeeper

Kim shared this message on Facebook after their visit, “Thank you for all that you did for our family six years ago and for all that you continue to do to make families like ours comfortable during difficult times.”

August 9, 2010

Raffle at Alive After 5!!!

RMH volunteers will be manning the raffle ticket booth at Downtown Winston-Salem's best after work party this Thursday! Stop by Alive After 5 at Corpening Plaza this Thursday between 5:00 and 8:00 pm to purchase a raffle ticket (or 10!) for your chance to win some AMAZING prizes including:
  • 4 Disney Park tickets for 3 days
  • 4 Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Tickets –seating on the Womble Carlyle Club Level
  • Childress Vineyard – winery tour, tastings, and an evening out
  • Twin City Quarter – 1 night stay at the Marriott and dinner for 2 at WS Prime
  • 2 pairs of WFU Football Tickets including tee shirts and posters
  • $50 Nobles Gift Certificate

Tickets are $5.00 for 1 or $20.00 for 5 and will be available at the RMH booth. Ticket sale proceeds benefit the House and the families who stay here!

This is the last Alive After 5 of the season and country swing band Christabel and the Jons will be there playing some sweet sounding folksy jazz. If you want more details about Alive After 5, visit Jason over at Downtown Winston-Salem Blog for the scoop.