October 25, 2011

Meet the RMH Therapy Dogs, Part 3: Bandit and Dobby

This week I’d like to introduce you to a feisty pair of dogs who bring a lot of humor to the RMH Therapy Dog Program. Pug, Bandit, and Dobby, a Boston Terrier, were nice to sit down with me to chat about their lives in and outside of the Ronald McDonald House.
Watson: Thanks for spending a little time with me today you two. Tell me a bit about yourselves, what is your favorite thing to do other than visiting RMH?
Bandit: Barking at the moon. That’s what Mommy thinks I’ m doing. I’m really trying to get in touch with my mothership!

Dobby: Playing ball!

Watson: Interesting... and Bandit, have you ever made contact with the… never mind, I think I know the answer to that. Moving on. This is a tough one but tell me, what’s your favorite food?

Bandit: Anything that Mommy is eating.

Dobby: Anything that Mommy is eating.

Watson: You are preachin’ to the choir! Beef or chicken?

Bandit: Chicken, because I could actually catch a live one myself!
Dobby: Beef. I’m allergic to chicken.

Watson: You can catch a live chicken? Whoa. Okay, so tell me, if you could be any other kind of animal, what kind of animal would you be and why? I’m guessing it’s not a chicken.

Bandit: A human because then I could always have whatever my Mommy is eating.

Dobby: A human because then I could play pro ball!

Watson: Yes, just like the greatest quarterback of all time Peyton Manning! Did you know he passed for 408 in the 1996 Citrus Bowl? He’s Tennessee's all-time leading passer. Beat Auburn in the 1997 SEC Championship. AUBURN. They are like, really, really good. And did you know he’s a Pi Beta Kappa?!

Dobby: I meant basketball.

Watson: Oh, er… please complete the following sentence: “If dog’s ruled the world… “

Bandit: If dogs ruled the world, no one would ever go hungry. There would always be plenty of whatever Mommy is eating for everyone!”

Dobby: If dogs ruled the world, no one would fight because we’d all be having fun playing ball together!

Watson: Great answers. I think that if dog's ruled the world there would be no more sick kids.  No more cancer and no more accidents.  It would be a pretty wonderful place!  Speaking of dog’s doing great things, what is the best part of being a RMH Therapy Dog
Bandit: Getting petted, loved, and adored by all the children, their parents, and the staff and getting to love them back. The kitchen always has good smells too!
Watson: If you could say something to a RMH kid who has had a really hard day, what would you say?
Dobby: It always helps to cuddle up in the arms of someone you love to take a nice, long, nap and dream of the things that make you happy.
Watson: One final question, what’s your favorite type of grass?

Bandit: “Backyard grass is the best. But, sometimes, front yard grass is good too, when we get the chance. After all, variety is the spice of life!”
Thank you both for sharing today. Next week, I’m talking to one of our more elusive dogs. Right now, I’ll keep it a mystery…

We are grateful to Dobby, Bandit and their wonderful owner Sherrie, for helping us with this interview and for making a difference in the lives of sick children and their families through their participation in the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem Therapy Dog Program. 

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