July 15, 2011

Our Favorite Things

We got to do two of our favorite things today-- welcome back a healthy, happy former family for a visit and say bon voyage to a healthy, happy RMH family that has been staying with us!

We love when our former families come back to visit just to say hi. It is great to catch up, show them around the new expansion and hear recollections about their time at the House.

So, we were very excited when former RMH kid Timothy and his mom, Inett, stopped by today for a visit! Timothy's parents stayed at the House from December 2005 to January 2006 while he was recovering from spinal surgery at Brenner Children's Hospital. This visit they brought along a new friend-- Timothy's teacher Chris (pictured here with Timothy, now 21).

They had a great time seeing the new additions to the House and we enjoyed hearing about all of the fun things they have been up to in recent weeks-- including taking a hot air balloon ride!

Another one of our favorite things is seeing healthy, happy families head home to their own houses! Today we waved goodbye to sweet baby Hayden--he got to go home with his mom and dad!

We hope your weekend is full of some of your favorite things!