September 21, 2011

Meet the RMH Therapy Dogs, Part 2: Tank

Watson here.  For the second installment in my Pet Therapy Interview series, I had the chance to interview the biggest member of the RMH Therapy Dog team. He's a tank. No, literally... his name is Tank and he's an English Mastiff.
Watson: Tank, it's so nice to finally get the chance to sit down and talk. I have been dying to know, what’s your favorite food?
Tank: It all depends, if I want to just enjoy a good chew it’s gotta be raw bones. If I am learning a new trick then Bob, my trainer, gives me pork rinds. They are not good for me but boy are they good. I am practicing catching popcorn in mid-air, that’s a fun game

Watson: Wow, that takes mad skills. Impressive. Okay, now for a tough question. If you could be any other kind of animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?

Tank: I would be a manatee, I like the slow life style and nobody ever attacks a manatee.

Watson: And they get to live in Florida. I hear it’s really nice down there. Do you have siblings Tank?

Tank: Nope, I am an only dog.

Watson: Lucky. Just kidding. Alright, now if you could share a large, medium-rare sirloin with any of the following dogs, who would it be? Lassie, Benji, Beethoven, Eddie from Frasier or someone else?

Tank: Beethoven would be fun to talk to but you look like a nice guy.

Watson: I’m so flattered. To be named along with a superstar like Beethoven, wow. Alright let’s talk about what people really want to know. What is the best part of being a RMH therapy dog?

Tank: The hugs.

Watson: And if you could say anything to an RMH kid who is having a really hard day, what would you say?

Tank: It will be okay, tell me about all of your problems I am a great listener.
Watson: Thank you Tank. Okay one last question. Beef or chicken?
Tank: Beef
Watson: Thanks for sitting down with me today big guy.

Check back next week for part three!


We are grateful to Tank and his wonderful owner Bob, for helping us with this interview and for making a difference in the lives of sick children and their families through their participation in the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem Therapy Dog Program. 

September 16, 2011

Meet the RMH Therapy Dogs, Part 1: Lacey and Pooh

As you know, intrepid journalism has always been a passion of mine. Some say journalism has gone to the dogs… well all I have to say to them is what exactly is the problem with that? This dog nose a great story when he smells one. I get a whiff of a good lead and I’m on it like Lassie on a well… like Snoopy on Herald Square… Like Smokey on SEC Championships… You get the idea.

All I’m saying is that if there’s dirt, I’ll dig it up. And whoa doggy do I have some good dirt for you today.

Over the past few weeks, I sat down with members of the Ronald McDonald House’s elite team of Therapy Dogs to find out just what make these heroic dogs wag. (And just so you know, just because I’m the president and founding member of the “I Heart RMH Therapy Dogs Association” doesn’t mean I didn’t ask them the hard hitting questions. I did.) As you can see from this interview with Keeshond siblings Pooh and Lacey, things got real folks.

Watson: So Pooh, what’s your favorite food?

Pooh: Dried Apricots

Watson: That is a very healthy choice Pooh. I also enjoy foods that are good for my digestion. Speaking of food, when you see a squirrel, what is the first thing that goes through your mind?

Pooh: Run!

Lacey: Get it!

Watson: I feel you on that Lacey. A bubbling pot of stew is usually the first thing that comes to my mind… It’s weird. Okay, now tell me about your experiences as Ronald McDonald House Therapy Dogs. What’s the best part?

Pooh: Visiting all the fun people and getting love and petting.
Watson: Ah, petting is great, isn’t it? Especially when they scratch right behind the ears… Oh man. Okay Lacey, what about you? If you could say something to a RMH kid who has had a really hard day, what would you say?

Lacey: Sit here with me and let me take away that pain.

Watson: People sometimes underestimate the positive impact dogs can have on someone who is going through a lot of pain.  We just know how to make it all better. I see you are both wagging in agreement. I’m so glad you shared that Lacey.

Okay, one final question for you both, this is for a poll. I am asking all of the Therapy Dogs this. Chicken or Beef?

Lacey: Beef.

Pooh: BEEF!

Watson: Thank you both so much.

Okay folks, check back next week for my interview with Tank. He’s 170 lbs of love.


We are grateful to Lacey, Pooh and their wonderful owner Susan for helping us with this interview and for making a difference in the lives of sick children and their families through their participation in the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem Therapy Dog Program. 

September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Watson and Peanut!!!

They partied on the RMH playground yesterday and enjoyed a few treats in celebration of their 9th and 6th birthdays, which are actually today.

We are so lucky to have these two as our House dogs and so grateful to their mom, RMH Night Manager Jeanie, for sharing them with families and staff. They bring so much joy to the House and the families who stay here.  

Thank you for being such good pets Watson and Peanut.  Happy Birthday!

September 9, 2011

Watson's Great Adventure

I'm bbbaaccckkk!

Watson here. I've had a very exciting summer traveling across the USA sporting my Sport a Shirt. As you can see, I visited some awesome attractions and met some cool folks. Big Tex was super nice. He's a giant, but I don't hold that against him.

The food at South Carolina's mucho famous South of the Border was muy caliente. Pedro makes some mean Carne Asada if you ask me.

Carhenge was probably my favorite. Not only do I love roadside tributes to ancient British landmarks, but I also love cars and running in circles.

My vaca was pretty awesome but it's good to be back in Ardmore. I've missed all of my friends here at the Ronald McDonald House, especially the families.

Since I have been gone all summer I think I'll take over the blog for a while. I know how much you've missed me! I'm putting the finishing on my "Therapy Dogs -- An Extrospective" series. Check back next week for the first of several interviews with the Ronald McDonald House's top dogs and find out just what makes them wag.

Alright, I'm off to say hello to the kitchen. Oh, how I have missed it!