July 16, 2012

B I N G O!

In my time spent at the House so far, I’ve come to realize that Mondays are the best days around here.  That’s because every Monday night around dinnertime, families get to hang out in the dining room playing games and winning prizes at Bingo Night!  

Bingo Night provides the families staying at the House a chance to visit and check in with each other. It allows families to take  an often much needed break from their stressful situations and even gives them a chance win new baby clothes or maybe a pack of diapers.  Siblings and younger family members also enjoy a fun night with House families, playing a game and maybe even winning a new teddy bear or a toy car.  

It's a great sight to see the dining room packed with families relaxing and enjoying themselves on Bingo night!

One RMH family catches up while they play Bingo.
Bingo Night is a great tradition at our House, and it wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful Bingo volunteers.  Every Monday night, these volunteers come to the House to help with everything from organizing the prizes to calling Bingo. Bingo night is special for another reason- it is also McDonald’s night at the House! 

Because of the generous donations from our supporters like you throughout the year, the families have lots of goodies to pick from when they win a game.  Prizes range anywhere from diapers, clothes and bibs to Build-A-Bears and Barbies.  There is always something for everyone!

Some of the great prizes the families could win!
Bingo winners happily show off their  prizes!

I look forward to next Monday's round of Bingo and McDonald's! Until then...